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We encourage Israeli entrepreneurship and meet the needs of the community and to create community change, we enable initiative and creativity by volunteering in various social projects and initiatives that we create and develop for the Israeli community in order to encourage connection between Israelis and community action.

All events are organized in full cooperation with the community of volunteer members.


What do we do?

  • Conduct Shabbat dinners as well as holidays dinners and events. 

  • Organize cultural events and support original Israeli artists

  • Host Lectures and workshops in Hebrew that appeals to all Israeli audience 

  • Produce Israeli music concerts - In 2019, we hosted and produced multiple events including performances by two key cultural influences: Avraham Tal and Evitar Banai

  • Organize Family oriented events - Last year, we produced tailor made Jewish-Israeli events for families. Including Jewish holidays and personal events.

  • Israeli kinder (children) Sunday - Israeli and Jewish plays for children

  • Host a variety of classes, activities and workshops in our 

  • “Aleh Hohel, Bet ze Bait” - Weekly Hebrew classes for children 

  • Creating social projects for the community

  • Assisting Israelis in cases of emergencies


Our Projrcts

Leadership project

developing a program for entrepreneurship and leadership for leading and constructing projects for the community by a member of the community.  


Community “calling center” project

a response for the Israeli community in Berlin over the phone – a professional emergency center in Hebrew, fully available and in coordination with officials from welfare, the police and the Israeli embassy in Berlin. 


“Pass it forward” project

the great human capital gathered by the members of the community for encouraging social involvement and mutual assistance.


Bar and Bat Mitzva project

semiannual project to connect the young Israeli sons and daughters in the city to the Jewish community and creating a volunteering project with the teenagers as part of the transition from childhood to adulthood and undertaking responsibly.  


Elderly project

providing a suitable environment for a connection between the Israeli elderly community and creating content for the target audience in order to create a connection between members of the community and later integrating them with the young crowd. 


A program for accompanying exchange students

establishing a house for Israeli student in student exchange programs during the stay in Berlin. 


Community entrepreneurship and business

creating a social network between entrepreneurship and business owners in Berlin by producing business-oriented conventions and professional development. 

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