The leadership project

The leadership project is an entrepreneurship and leadership development program to lead and build community projects by the community member‭.‬

Emergency project

Access to telephone assistance in Hebrew to the Israeli community in Berlin‭ - ‬a professional emergency service is available 24/7‭ ‬and in coordination with welfare agencies‭, ‬the police‭.‬

Bar and Bat Mitzva Project

Semi-annual program to connect Israeli youth and youth in the city to traditional Jewish and creating a volunteer project with the‭ ‬youth as part of the transition from childhood maturity and responsibility‭.‬

Projects And Community

In order to encourage community change‭, ‬personal entrepreneurship, and address community needs‭, ‬the organization develops various‭ ‬initiatives and provides volunteering opportunities in social projects for the community‭:‬

Nursing home project

A young volunteer organization responsible for building content and volunteer days at the nursing home the Jew in West Berlin‭.‬

Encouraging business project

Creating social gatherings to encourage business connections between community members by organizing conferences‭, ‬networking, and‭ ‬meetups‭.‬


We are always available by phone.

Fridays Israeli meals are kosher, admission is free by pre-registration.

Special events and workshops are posted on the site.

Our Mailing List


Tehila Darmon - Number for Emergencies and Distress 


Netanel Darmon


Hadas Maman - Events Coordinator - For every idea/ initiative and event invited to write to Hadas


Achituv Mamman - Head of Initiatives and Projects and Content


Mia - Office and Logistics Manager


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