Jewish tradition

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Kabalat Shabbat

Receiving the Saturday – every week approximately 50 male and female Israelis and their partners are hosted for community Friday dinners with no cost, made by the community members voluntarily every Thursday.


Holiday events

as part of the Jewish-Israeli calendar, events are conducted for community members in order to strengthen the cultural and traditional connection: a festive lighting of Hanukah candles, Tu BiShvat Sedder-dinner, Purim ball, a traditional Mimuna festivities, community Lag BaOmer bonfire, Shavuot morning breakfast, a Tu BeAv event.


Producing holiday evenings

Rosh Hashanah evening and Passover night of Sedder, planned 3 months in advance and under a separate budget. Approximately 200 male and female Israelis from across Berlin and out of all age groups, celebrate the holiday evening together, with community and Israeli atmosphere. In addition, we offer holiday kits with symbolic costs for Israelis who wish to celebrate at their homes with their friends and dear ones in the city. 

זמני פעילות

אנו תמיד זמינים בטלפון

ימי שישי ארוחות ישראליות כשרות,  הכניסה חופשית בהרשמה מראש.

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צור קשר

רשימת תפוצה


רשימת תפוצה


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