Friday dinners with about 50‭ ‬local Israelis‭, ‬Shabbat reception in Israeli and

family atmosphere, and according to the customs of the Jewish tradition‭.‬

The meals are cooked by volunteers at the organization every Thursday‭.‬

The largest holiday evenings in Berlin‭, ‬with Israeli content and atmosphere up to 200‭ ‬participants at the events‭, ‬the vast majority of events are free of charge for a small prize‭. 

Planning and producing 8-holiday events tailored for families and children according to Jewish tradition and culture‭. ‬All events‭ ‬are organized in full cooperation with the community of volunteer members‭.‬

Jewish Tradition

Events and holiday evenings according to the Jewish Year Circle from a variety of arts‭, ‬leisure, and activities for the maximum preservation of Jewish tradition‭:‬


We are always available by phone.

Fridays Israeli meals are kosher, admission is free by pre-registration.

Special events and workshops are posted on the site.

Our Mailing List


Tehila Darmon - Number for Emergencies and Distress 


Netanel Darmon


Hadas Maman - Events Coordinator - For every idea/ initiative and event invited to write to Hadas


Achituv Mamman - Head of Initiatives and Projects and Content


Mia - Office and Logistics Manager


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