Lectures and workshops in Hebrew for different audiences‭, ‬for a variety of ages‭, ‬to encourage Israeli creation‭, ‬support for young artists, and preservation of the Hebrew language‭.‬

Israeli Culture

Initiation and production of original cultural events and creation in Hebrew‭:‬

Organizing and providing concerts of renowned Israeli artists at a symbolic cost to everyone‭.

Artists from Israeli cultural leaders like Abraham Tal‭, ‬Eviatar Banai‭, ‬Zofit Grant and more‭.‬

Sunday cultural events and children´s performances with the aim of making Hebrew Literature and language accessible to the younger age groups‭.‬

Project‭ ‬“A Tent in Berlin”‭ ‬for learning the Hebrew language in an experiential way for children‭.‬


We are always available by phone.

Fridays Israeli meals are kosher, admission is free by pre-registration.

Special events and workshops are posted on the site.

Our Mailing List



Tehila Darmon - Number for Emergencies and Distress 



Netanel Darmon



Hadas Maman - Events Coordinator - For every idea/ initiative and event invited to write to Hadas



Achituv Mamman - Head of Initiatives and Projects and Content


Mia - Office and Logistics Manager


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