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Who Are We?

‭"‬Zusammen Berlin‭" ‬organization‭ - [‬In German‭: ‬Together‭] ‬is an organization for Israelis in Berlin with the aim of creating a community based space on Israeli culture and Jewish identity‭.‬

The organization operates from the values‭ ‬​​of partnership and mutual assistance and strengthening of shared identity among Israelis in Berlin‭.‬

Their goal is to develop a diverse and stable community base for strengthening the connection with Israeli-Jewish culture‭,‬ the Hebrew language and Community Identity Formation‭. ‬The organization creates meetups‭, ‬Friday dinners‭, ‬workshops and lectures‭, ‬live performances‭, ‬and social entrepreneurship community groups organized by age‭, ‬youth and adult groups and families‭.‬


After two years of doing this‭, ‬it is used in the community as the central and largest stage in Berlin to preserve the common language and culture of Israelis and as a place for intergenerational creation‭, ‬learning and connection‭.‬

Our Vision

Establishment and development of infrastructure and community response to Israelis in Berlin.

Creating shared enrichment spaces for learning and means strengthening the Israeli-Jewish connection and identity to a wide variety of Israeli groups in Berlin in all age groups diverse socio-economic backgrounds‭, ‬with an emphasis on creating a socially and culturally cohesive community‭.‬


Our Activities


and Community

Jewish Tradition

Israeli Culture

Donors and Supporters Of Zusammen

Zusammen is supported by a number of private donors‭. ‬Within this group there are Anthony Governor‭, ‬Lauder Foundation for Jewish‭ ‬Community Development and Jewish education and organization JDC‭.‬

Meet Our Team

Tehila Darmon


Chief executive officer and content manager‭, public relations manager and donor relations manager‭.‬

Netanel Darmon

Deputy Managing Director

Management‭, ‬bookkeeping‭, ‬initiator and content creator‭.‬

Moran Rosenthal

Media Coordinator

Media management, graphic design, content editing.

Summary Of 2019

Goals And Targets For 2020

Opening a new center and increasing weekly events‭, ‬courses‭, ‬classes, and workshops for families‭, ‬children and graduates‭.‬


We are always available by phone.

Fridays Israeli meals are kosher, admission is free by pre-registration.

Special events and workshops are posted on the site.

Our Mailing List



Tehila Darmon - Number for Emergencies and Distress 



Netanel Darmon



Hadas Maman - Events Coordinator - For every idea/ initiative and event invited to write to Hadas



Achituv Mamman - Head of Initiatives and Projects and Content


Mia - Office and Logistics Manager


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