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Din Ovadia


Event Manager, Site Manager und New Media Manager.



Tehila Darmon


Content Managerin, PR-Managerin und Donor Relations Managerin.

Netanel Darmon

Stellvertretender Geschäftsführer

aktiver Organisationsmanager, Rechnungswesen, Initiator und Ersteller von Inhalten.

Zusammen (in German – together) community is a non-partisan private initiative, started by the couple Netanel and Tehila Darmon and supported by several private donators. including the businessman Anthony Moschel and The Lauder Foundation, for the development of Jewish communities and education in order to create a communal space based on mutual culture, society, enrichment, assistance and strengthening a common identity among Israelis in Berlin. 

As part of the development of a diverse and stable community platform to strengthen the connection with the Israeli-Jewish community, strengthening the Hebrew language and forming an identity for the community, we organize mutual gatherings, community Friday dinners, workshops and seminars, shows, events and projects according to age segments: families, the young and the adult. 

Nowadays, after approximately two years of work the community space serves as the main and central stage in berlin for the conservation of the language and culture that Israelis share and as a place for creating, learning, a cross generational connection. 

The Vision of the organization

to establish and develop an infrastructure and community response for Israelis in Berlin by creating spaces of mutual enrichment and learning, alongside a response to strengthen the Israeli-Jewish identity and connection to a wide a range as possible of Israeli groups in Berlin, in varying age ranges and of varying socio-economic background, while highlighting the creation of a cohesive community, both socially and culturally.

Our main donors and supporters

  • Anthony Moshel - a South African expatriate entrepreneur now living in London.

  • Lauder Foundation philanthropy

  • JDC - leading Jewish humanitarian organization

2019 overview

  • 30 cultural events - concerts, workshops, business conference, original israeli artists, etc’

  • 32 Shabbat dinners - over 45 people in each dinner

  • 15 holidays - including more than 200 participants in each of the main holidays

  • Finally - Hosted over 3500 (!!) people in our events


2020 Roadmap and goals

  • Increase the number of participants by 25%.

  • Opening the new Zusammen Center which can support more participants 

  • Introduce a 24 hours emergency line

  • Launch the Bar/Bat mitzvah project

  • Create an annual leadership and entrepreneurship program

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