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Who Are We?

“Zusammen Berlin” organization (in German: together) was founded for the Israelis in Berlin, in order to create a community space, based on Israeli culture, Hebrew language, and Jewish identity.

The organization operates to strengthen the values of cooperation, mutual enrichment, enhancement, and identity among the Israelis in Berlin. 

As a part of the development of a diverse and strong community basis, the organization initiates gatherings, Friday dinners, lectures and workshops, live concerts, and social-communal entrepreneurship for families and singles of all ages.

Today, after two years of fruitful activities, the communal space that was created uses as the biggest and most central stage in Berlin for the Hebrew language, Jewish identity, and Israeli culture, and as a place of creation, learning, and intergenerational connection.

Our Vision

Establishing and developing communal support infrastructure for the Israelis in Berlin, by creating mutual enrichment and learning spaces, along with strengthening the connection of the Israeli-Jewish identity to the widest range of Israeli groups in Berlin, from all ages and socioeconomic status, in order to create a joint social-cultural community. 


Our Activities

Community Entrepreneurship

Jewish Heritage

Israeli Culture



Zusammen is supported by a number of private donors‭. ‬Within this group there are Anthony Governor‭, ‬Lauder Foundation for Jewish‭ ‬Community Development and Jewish education and organization JDC‭.‬

Meet Our Team

Tehila Darmon


Leading and management, strategic development, budgets, PR, fundraising, and more.

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Netanel Darmon

Chair ICE organization

Community relations, contents, accounting.

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Hadas Maman

Event Manager

Planning and executing events throughout the year, contact point to all event and community coordinators, as well as social media.


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Ahituv Maman

Project Management

Contact point to all project coordinators, as well as creating new projects in accordance with community needs.

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Maya Wolffberg

Logistic and Office Management

Technical and logistical support to all activities, as well as the responsibility to external and media relations.

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Moran Rosental

Graphic Designer

Webmaster and graphic design for social media.

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Summary Of 2019

Goals for 2020

Developing leadership and entrepreneurship project


We are always available over the phone. Friday night dinner is Kosher with free entrance (pre-registration is needed). Events and workshops are updated regularly on the website.



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